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  • What does Covidian mean?

    What does Covidian mean?

    A Covidian ist someone who has elevated COVID-19 prevention or mitigation to the point of a religious persuasion. A Covidian does everything with COVID-19 prevention in mind, especially for others to see.

  • What does Vatnik stand for?

    What does Vatnik stand for?

    “Vatnik” or “Vatnyk” (Russian: ватник) is literally a cotton padded jacket, used by Russian soldiers during WW II. Nowadays Vatnik means a Putin’s supporter; a Russian fully loyal to the government and approving everything what they do. The term became popular while the war against Ukraine. Looking for the definition in German?

  • What does the German word Sahneprinz mean in English?

    What does the German word Sahneprinz mean in English?

    The German Sahneprinz means literally “cream prince”. It is usually used to describe someone who is very lucky. More rarely, Sahneprinz is also a swear word commonly used in Germany. It can mean a performer in gay porn as well as someone who acts like a prince without having any substance. The illustration was created…

  • What does “to scholz” mean?

    What does “to scholz” mean?

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been accused of remaining silent on important issues right at the beginning of his term in office and of disappearing into oblivion, as it were. And already there is the corresponding verb for this in German – scholzen. In English it means “to scholz”. Where is actually Meier from the…

  • What does the German word “baerbocken” mean?

    What does the German word “baerbocken” mean?

    The German verb “baerbocken” (“to bearbock”) means “to falsify one’s resume”. It is derived from the name “Annalena Baerbock”. Baerbock is the candidate for chancellor of the German Green Party in 2021. She has published a resume with false information several times.