The Brexit is here, but there is no alternative to the EU

So it is here, the so called Brexit. Honestly I do not really care about what the Britons do. They want to leave, they leave. Fine by me.

What is more important is the fact that EU critics all around Europe now see themselves as the winners. That is fatal.

Let me very shortly explain to you why. Europe has a lot of countries. If the European Union were to fall apart, we would be left with 28 states that of course all want to trade with each other. With so many states it is nearly impossible to find the same standards for trading between all those countries. In other words, a free trade area with the same standards for every state would be needed. Does that sound familiar to you? And since this is for economical purposes only, we would be left with something that is basically a much less democratic European Union.

If all countries were to go their very own way, we would be left with things like duties and longer transports and and and…

So. As you can see, for Europe there is no alternative. Europe needs the EU because it’s not just 2 countries trading, it is 28 countries trading. And that is, of course, without all the political advantages the EU has, like a much more impactful foreign policy or freedom of movement between all states etc..

I am not saying the EU does not need reformation. It does, and it does need a lot of reformation. However, the European way is the only way that is practical. There is no alternative since every other way has way too many disadvantages. And this would have been enough for voting “remain”…

Anyway, the Britons voted for leaving the EU, their biggest and most important trading partner, even though they have a negative foreign trade balance. Now do whatever you want with that information, but Great Britain basically voted for remaining in the EU just with the addition of giving away all their political influence on it and the financial support they receive. There is no way they can just turn their back on the EU in terms of economy without them slaughtering their already-not-so-strong economy.






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