About the problems of an edit button at twitter – and how twitter could earn real money

Twitter users know how it is – you write the tweet of your life, within a few minutes it gets numerous likes and retweets, and suddenly you see the stupid spelling mistake in it.

The desire for an editing function is therefore at the top of the list for twitter users.

As well as I can understand the wish and as often as I have had this myself, it would be problematic.

Imagine the following: Someone first writes “Elon is great.” and the tweet receives numerous likes – and then it is changed to “Elon is dumb.” – I think the problem is sufficiently clear.

The following solutions would be conceivable – sometimes in combination:

  • Optionally a twitter-internal spell checker, which asks if you want to send the tweet like this if errors are detected.
  • Changes are only possible for a certain period of time, e.g. 30 seconds.
  • Changes are only possible until the tweet has had likes.
  • Changes are only possible until the has a retweet.
  • If a tweet is changed, those who have liked or retweeted it are notified of the change.
  • Other – trusted – users have to approve the edit.
  • A change history of the tweet is available.

Personally, I would prefer a solution consisting of the internal warning spell checker and a short time window within which the tweet can be changed – such a solution would allow correcting and would have only a low risk of abuse. In addition, the function could also be made available only within twitter blue.

However, a bit later another suggestion came to my mind: The change of a tweet is manually checked by twitter and, for example, rejected if it is distorting the meaning. Since this of course causes effort, the correction is chargeable. One Buck. I bet twitter would earn real money with this…

It will be interesting to see if twitter will bring an edit function in the future.

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