Bring back the Vine?

What was Vine?

Vine was a social network that made it possible to record and share videos with a maximum duration of six seconds. The recordings could be made either continuously or at intervals using a smartphone or tablet. Interval recordings were particularly popular, with many Vine videos resembling animated GIFs.

Vine was short for VIdeo NEtwork and was launched in 2013. Even before the launch, the company behind it was acquired by Twitter (now X) in the fall of 2012. There were apps for Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10.

In my view, Vine suffered from the fact that it had too many technical problems, the integration into twitter was too half-hearted and the concept was too rooted in the early 2000s. Instagram’s video formats then dealt the network the death blow. In 2016, Twitter announced the end of Vine, which was then shut down in 2017.

Is Vine coming back?

On April 17 Musk posted the poll “Bring back Vine?” on X. – with a clear yes emerging here, by the way.

Musk has probably never completely let go of the topic of Vine. Rumors that Musk is working on a Vine comeback have been around since autumn 2022, for example here. And a poll at the time also showed a clear yes with around 70% of votes. Musk has also commented on this on various other occasions:

What made Vine special?

Periscope does partly live on with Spaces, but no question that we need to bring back an even better version of vine

Friends have asked me if there’s a way to recover their old vine videos! Will look into it.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see Vine again – although you never know with the volatile Musk…

Would Vine 2.0 stand a chance?

The other question is – would Vine stand a chance?

Interest in video content has tended to grow since 2017, with TikTok leading the way. And as TikTok is increasingly viewed critically by some due to its China connections, and a ban is even being discussed in the USA, there could be a gap that Vine could fill.

Ultimately, of course, it depends on how well all this is implemented and in what form it is linked to X.

It would be exciting in any case.






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