Opinion: What China really wants to say with its 12-point plan for Ukraine

China’s submitted a 12-point plan “for the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis” on February 24, 2023, the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which you can read here.

But what is actually more or less openly written between the lines in the plan, I have summarized here.

1. respect for the sovereignty of all countries.

We are now, for the first time, invoking universally recognized international law and the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, and that always goes down well. We also think it is important to respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries. We prefer not to say now that Crimea and the territories conquered by Russia are Russian from our point of view, we don’t care about that in the end. The main thing is that it is clear to everyone that Taiwan is Chinese – even if we do not say so clearly here.

2. turning away from the mentality of the Cold War.

NATO and the West are a bit too powerful for us and should stop being so aggressive.

3. cessation of hostilities.

The fact that our largest neighboring country is now waging a real war is something we really don’t find so ideal.

4. resumption of peace talks.

In particular, we don’t want the whole thing to drag on forever, because that’s bad for business.

5. resolution of the humanitarian crisis.

We don’t really care about human rights and the West should pay for the humanitarian crisis. But with this point we can now warm the hearts of the West and give the peace movements there some arguments to put pressure against further arms deliveries.

6. protection of civilians and prisoners of war (POWs)

All sides want to protect the prisoners of war and we can act as mediators. That would make for nice photos and a good reputation everywhere. Otherwise see above.

7. safety of nuclear power plants.

An accident involving a nuclear power plant really doesn’t fit into our concept. In the end, we’ll get some of the fallout, and it’s hard to do business in contaminated areas.

8. reducing strategic risks.

Nuclear war would be even more stupid now. China rejects the research, development and use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons by any country under any circumstances. Indeed, only we are allowed to do so.

9. facilitating grain exports.

We really have a lot to do with the exploitation of raw materials in Africa. And Africa is highly dependent on Ukrainian grain supplies. So let the supplies through to keep things quiet in Africa.

10. stop unilateral sanctions

The West should let go of sanctions and stop acting like a world court. After all, we want to continue to trade with everyone – including Russia – in peace and also not set a precedent, after all, we want to get Taiwan someday.

11. maintaining industrial and supply chains.

Actually, we’re all about business. So everyone doesn’t mind.

12. promoting post-conflict reconstruction.

When the war is finally over, please let us have a decent share in the reconstruction. After all, we wrote this nice 12-point plan.

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