What is the German National Dish?

Germany has many regional dishes. And many dishes eaten by the majority of the population do not come from Germany: e.g. kebab, pizza or burgers. But what is actually traditionally eaten everywhere in Germany is sauerkraut. It is not for nothing that we are called “Krauts” abroad and “Sauerkraut” has been adopted into the English… Continue reading What is the German National Dish?

What does the German word “baerbocken” mean?

The German verb “baerbocken” (“to bearbock”) means “to falsify one’s resume”. It is derived from the name “Annalena Baerbock”. Baerbock is the candidate for chancellor of the German Green Party in 2021. She has published a resume with false information several times.

10 Things to do in Bonn

Planning to visit Bonn in Germany? Here are our ultimate 10 things you should do in Germanys former capital. Beethoven House This is a must – Beethoven’s birthplace at Bonngasse 20. There is not only a museum but also a very nice small garden, a research centre (Beethoven archive), a chamber music hall and a shop… Continue reading 10 Things to do in Bonn