What does FAFO stand for?

The abbreviation FAFO usually stands for “Fuck around and find out”, which in most cases can be loosely translated as “Stress around and find out”.

Ye (fka Kayne West): Can I make anti-Semitic comments and worship Hitler? Or will I be banned on twitter if I do?
Elon: FAFO!

Elon: Is Tim Cook going to kick twitter out of the appstore?
Tim: FAFO!

Student/Employee: And what if I don’t get this done by Tuesday?
Teacher/Chief: FAFO!

Random Guy 1: I wonder if that guy with the brass knuckles is as dangerous as he looks?
Random Guy 2: FAFO!

Jens-Torben Gerstenklecker: I wonder if Mom will ground me today?
Maria-Elisa Gerstenklecker-Prummeklöten: FAFO, Jens-Torben!

It is also often used in software development or technical projects. Then it means as much as “Try wildly, then you’ll see.”

twitter developer: I don’t know how to make this query faster!
Elon: FAFO.

The chat abbreviation became popular when Elon Musk tweeted it – probably in reference to Ye (see above).





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