Documented: The statement of the University of Bonn on Professor Ulrike Guérot

Here we document the statement of the University of Bonn on Ulrike Guérot from October 31, 2022, the translation of the statement, so far only available in German, was done automatically with Deepl.

Statement on public statements of a member of the University

A member of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Bonn has repeatedly come in for criticism with public statements on various topics.

The university management comments on this as follows:

1. the University of Bonn and its Faculty of Philosophy have strongly condemned Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine, which is contrary to international law, already shortly after the beginning of the war and declare their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. They stand by the Ukrainian people and participate in the sanctions agreed upon by German universities and scientific institutions. They support refugee students and researchers.

2 The statements of individual scientists do not represent positions of the University of Bonn. In addition to the freedom of opinion guaranteed by constitutional law, academics also enjoy freedom of science. The freedom of research and teaching is a privilege, which, however, also goes hand in hand with great responsibility to live up to the reputation and trust placed in science. This includes upholding general standards of good scientific practice and, in particular, refraining from making speculative claims that cannot be scientifically substantiated. Suspected cases of misconduct will be investigated on a case-by-case basis by the responsible bodies and sanctioned if necessary.

The image – Professor Ulrike Guerot in Russian uniform climbs onto the roof of the University of Bonn and raises the Russian flag – was created with Midjourney AI.

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