Kelly Armstrong Quotes

And they certainly wouldn’t take you along to a murder. That would be irresponsible parenting. Dont talk to the crazy kids. I longed to shout back that we weren’t crazy. I’d mistaken her kid for a ghost, that’s all. Everyone is the sum total of past experiences. A character doesn’t just spring to life at… Continue reading Kelly Armstrong Quotes

Quote: Muslims and BA

The vastness of businesses administration entails that it is a rich platform from which a Muslim can conduct righteous deeds. Mohammad Rahman

The German View: Why it is a blessing that Stauffenberg failed on July 20, 1944

July 20, 1944 is one of Germany’s fateful days: the assassination attempt carried out by Stauffenberg and his allies fails. And that is just good. Although Germany was already almost hopelessly weakened militarily, it was still undefeated. The belief in the miracle weapons was there with many, parts of the people prepared for total war.… Continue reading The German View: Why it is a blessing that Stauffenberg failed on July 20, 1944

List: 40 Additional Sirtfoods

In addition to the top 20 sirtfoods, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten recommend 40 other sirtuin-activating foods as part of their sirtfood diet. Fruits Apple Blackberries Cranberries Goji berries Raspberries Currants (black) Kumquats Plums Grapes (red) Vegetables and legumes Artichokes Broccoli Watercress Chicory (light) Broad beans Green beans Endive lettuce Pak Choi Shallots Asparagus White… Continue reading List: 40 Additional Sirtfoods

List: 20 Sirtfoods

The two Brits Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten have developed the currently most important Sirt Diet concept, to which we have compiled a summary here. In their diet, these are the 20 most important Sirt foods: Buckwheat Chili peppers (Birds Eye Chili) Dates (Medjoul variety) Strawberries Kale Green celery Green Tea Coffee Cocoa (pure, or… Continue reading List: 20 Sirtfoods

What is the German National Dish?

Germany has many regional dishes. And many dishes eaten by the majority of the population do not come from Germany: e.g. kebab, pizza or burgers. But what is actually traditionally eaten everywhere in Germany is sauerkraut. It is not for nothing that we are called “Krauts” abroad and “Sauerkraut” has been adopted into the English… Continue reading What is the German National Dish?

What does the German word “baerbocken” mean?

The German verb “baerbocken” (“to bearbock”) means “to falsify one’s resume”. It is derived from the name “Annalena Baerbock”. Baerbock is the candidate for chancellor of the German Green Party in 2021. She has published a resume with false information several times.

10 Things to do in Bonn

Planning to visit Bonn in Germany? Here are our ultimate 10 things you should do in Germanys former capital. Beethoven House This is a must – Beethoven’s birthplace at Bonngasse 20. There is not only a museum but also a very nice small garden, a research centre (Beethoven archive), a chamber music hall and a shop… Continue reading 10 Things to do in Bonn