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  • What is the Austrian National Dish?

    What is the Austrian National Dish?

    Most people will tell you that the Austrian national dish is “Wiener schnitzel”. It’s a type of schnitzel made of a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. It should be served with potatoe salad, but nowadays is often served with french fries.

  • List: 40 Additional Sirtfoods

    List: 40 Additional Sirtfoods

    In addition to the top 20 sirtfoods, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten recommend 40 other sirtuin-activating foods as part of their sirtfood diet. Fruits Apple Blackberries Cranberries Goji berries Raspberries Currants (black) Kumquats Plums Grapes (red) Vegetables and legumes Artichokes Broccoli Watercress Chicory (light) Broad beans Green beans Endive lettuce Pak Choi Shallots Asparagus White…

  • List: 20 Sirtfoods

    List: 20 Sirtfoods

    The two Brits Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten have developed the currently most important Sirt Diet concept, to which we have compiled a summary here. In their diet, these are the 20 most important Sirt foods: Buckwheat Chili peppers (Birds Eye Chili) Dates (Medjoul variety) Strawberries Kale Green celery Green Tea Coffee Cocoa (pure, or…

  • What is the German National Dish?

    What is the German National Dish?

    Germany has many regional dishes. And many dishes eaten by the majority of the population do not come from Germany: e.g. kebab, pizza or burgers. But what is actually traditionally eaten everywhere in Germany is sauerkraut. It is not for nothing that we are called “Krauts” abroad and “Sauerkraut” has been adopted into the English…

  • What are Sirtfoods?

    Sirtfoods is a generic term for foods that have ingredients that stimulate sirtuin activity in the human body. Sirtuins are enzymes that perform certain tasks in cells. So far, seven sirtuins are known to exist in the human body. Essentially, they perform functions related to cell protection or cell metabolism. If you activate the sirtuins…