What are Sirtfoods?

Sirtfoods is a generic term for foods that have ingredients that stimulate sirtuin activity in the human body.

Sirtuins are enzymes that perform certain tasks in cells. So far, seven sirtuins are known to exist in the human body. Essentially, they perform functions related to cell protection or cell metabolism.

If you activate the sirtuins in your body, you will

  • boost your metabolism
  • do something for cell protection
  • slow down cell aging.

In other words, you can lose weight and keep yourself fitter and younger.

By the way, it is often claimed that sirtfoods themselves contain sirtuins. This is not correct! Sirtfoods are supposed to stimulate the sirtuins in the human body, that is their function.

What do I have to do for Sirtfoods to help me?

Sirtfoods are foods that are healthy anyway and many of them are considered “superfoods”.

So the more you incorporate of these healthy foods into your daily diet, the better. Just by doing this, you’re already boosting your metabolism and doing something for your health. In fact, just by eating more sirtfoods, you are likely to lose weight. You can find lists of sirtfoods in our food section.

In addition, there are various diets and nutritional concepts that have very specific diet plans and instructions that help them to lose weight specifically thanks to sirtfoods. The best known of these is the diet concept of Googins and Matten. Adele, for example, has successfully lost weight with these instructions.






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